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creative A.I. for musicians.

Generative AI for Musicians
Lemonaide Seeds: Your Melodic Idea Generator Powered by Generative A.I.
What is it?

Seeds for your next big hit.

The next tool in your arsenal
Lemonaide Seeds is the ultimate melodic idea generator. We believe it will push you out of your comfort zone, and plant seeds to your next big hit. 100% Royalty Free.
Bringing A.I. to the studio
Today, we are focused on helping bring you the best, and most creative MIDI through the power of Generative A.I. 
video demonstration

Music made with lemonaide seeds
Who Are We?

Music first.

Our founding team, Michael "MJ" Jacob and Anirudh Mani, have over 20 years of experience in music (their first love), and over 10 years of experience in technology.

Their mission is to protect and advocate for artists as much as possible, while encouraging them to use new and helpful technologies to push their creative boundaries.

MJ Jacob
Anirudh Mani
Creative A.I. for musicians
The Algorithm

Beauty in the simplicity.

We don’t promise every output will be perfect. Actually, we hope not every output will be perfect.
It’s you who makes it that way.

Ready for Production.

Some MIDI outputs will feel beautifully put together and ready to drag directly into your DAW. It blows our mind A.I. can output some of the things you'll hear.
Leave your creative comfort zone.

Other outputs will feel like: “These sounds makes me uncomfortable.” Yet, still it sounds interesting and unique, so you'll use it and make yours.

We call this the "Seeds Effect".
Designed for you to turn it into your music.

This is where magic can happen. Taking sounds that make you feel good, and the ones that challenge you, and creating against the randomness we believe sparks so much joy in the creativity process.
Our Values

Our Values

Artist focused music technology company that helps musicians find new ways to write, produce, and create, while keeping the artist front and center. Today, we are focused on doing this through Generative AI, ethically.

Art > Technology

We are artists first, which means we care about art, more than technology.

Because of this, our aim is to only help producers, never replace.

We intentionally draw the line as idea starters - and will never plan to output full songs.

Ethical A.I.

We believe in ethical AI.

We worked with producers we know and love, with consent, to train every single line of data in our algorithm.

None of our data is randomly scraped from the web.


We believe in creating with the community in mind.

You’re who we are building for, so please send your feedback, thoughts, and ways you think AI can help you to

We’re in this together.


Trailblazing ethical AI in music together.

We have teamed up with BeatStars to help scale our mission of supporting creators and push creative boundaries.

Together, we will set the ethical standard for the music industry's adoption of artificial intelligence.

Learn more about our partnership
Generate Melody + Chords, Chords, and Melodies using AI
Drag and Drop generated files directly into your DAW
Influence the AI output through selecting Keys, Moods, and more
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