Lemonaide Pricing: Start planting Seeds for your next big hit.

Lemonaide Lite
Lemonaide Pro
Seeds Melody Algorithm
(Melody and Chords, Chords, Melodies)
Monthly Credits (ability to save and export)
Credits Roll-Over
8-bar Generations
Lemonaide Bridge (bring your own sounds)

What’s in it for you at a monthly price?

The best creative melody tool on the market.

AI that outputs musical generations that are actually useful for producers. We don't believe in building "science projects".

These generations are free-flowing, and not restricted programmatically like some other tools you have used before. These are truly AI generated outputs inspired by the best musical producers. It will challenge you and help you come up with concepts you wouldn’t have before using Lemonaide.

100% Royalty Free. You hand select your melodies.

You can guarantee you’ve reserved yourself either 50, or 150 new melody ideas per month.

Only pay for what you use, through credits.

Once you save the MIDI, it’s yours, and stays saved in Your Library forever. 100% Royalty free.

Unlimited Generations.

A generation can be seen as a brand new idea created through our AI.

We do not charge you for generations. Once you’re a subscriber with credits, you can generate as many times as you’d like - limitless concepts to explore.

Better algorithms every month.

You will automatically get all of the updates to our AI models and new features added every month. Each month you use our algorithm, the quality gets better, without no additional costs to you.

Only pay for your hand-picked melodies.

Our pricing empowers you to less than $0.05 per melodic idea.

With the industry average royalty free MIDI being $1+ per melody idea in a MIDI pack (which is a preselected amount of MIDI that you have no control over preference). Lemonaide offers a new way to purchase ideas that is highly price advantageous to creators - while only paying for what you personally like.


Cancel at any time. If you’re done getting ideas from us, stop paying for us.

And yes, your credits roll-over!

Why do we charge monthly?

Only pay for what you use.

We do not believe in over charging producers at a large ‘one-time’ cost for a product they never use.

Try out Lemonaide, and only pay for the melodies you actually want to use. If you don't like it, cancel it, and you've only invested the price of a coffee (at least, a coffee in NYC!)

Wide Accessibility.

We believe most music producers can get started using Lemonaide, regardless of your financial background. $4.99 to get started and cancel at any time doesn’t limit our AI technology to just those who can afford it.

Quality grows with your subscription.

Our models actually get better over-time. You will automatically get monthly updates and benefits added to this application - without any increase in your fees. You don't need to ask us about these updates, as it's all controlled in the cloud, so its automatically in your app.

Supporting our mission and research.

We are an AI company and we spend a lot of money on Cloud Computing costs to better the algorithms you use. You help support us to truly build the best science backed algorithms that you get on a monthly basis.