Lemonaide FAQs

You've got questions, we got answers. If your question isn't answered here - hit us support@lemonaide.ai

How do I get Lemonaide?

Lemonaide comes with 3 options: a Mac application, Windows application, or a web browser.

Simply click the 'Download Free' button on the top right of this website - create an account, and get started!

So, what does Lemonaide do?

Lemonaide is a Windows, Mac, and Web Browser accessible application that provides inspiration to music producers, from beginners to Grammy Award winning artists. As of 02/01/2024, Lemonaide has helped start over 40,000 songs.

Lemonaide Seeds
is a melody MIDI generator, that outputs 4-bar loops that are intended to be dragged into your DAW of choice. You can generate Melody+Chords together, Chords, or just Melodies.

You can interact with our state-of-the-art A.I. algorithms through selecting Key/Scales, and Moods. We will quickly be expanding this to even more interactivity to allow you to really get the idea in your head into your DAW as quickly as possible.

Are the outputs Royalty Free?

Yup, every MIDI generated by Lemonaide is Royalty free.

Even though the outputs are Royalty Free, we still recommend you drag them into your DAW and tweak the files to your liking. After all, making it yours is what music is all about :) 

Which DAWs is Lemonaide compatible with?

Lemonaide is a DAW-agnostic tool available to use as a Mac or Windows application, or even though your favorite Web Browser. Each method has the ability to export MIDI you've generated into your DAW

This means, any DAW that accepts MIDI, accepts Lemonaide!

P.S., if you're DAW doesn't accept MIDI, you should probably reach out to a friend who can help you learn what music production is :)

What does 'Ethical AI' mean?

From our long-term vision to our everyday decisions, we are driven and guided by our values rooted in ethical AI. More specifically, it means:

1. We will never aim to replace musicians. Our goal with the products we build is to empower artists to create and push past creative limits. Since the founders of Lemonaide are artists themselves, we understand when 'A.I. is going too far' in the creative process, and we will intentionally never do 'too much' that an artist truly should be doing.

2. Our algorithms have a 'farm-to-table' feel. We know, and have received consent to train our algorithm from our network of family and friend producers who contributed their data voluntarily to help shape the future. We confidently boast, not even one single line in our training dataset is 'scraped' from the web - it's all consent cleared, the way it should be.

How do I know this isn’t just a MIDI pack? Are these outputs truly powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Yes - none of these melody patterns were human created. Each one is generated by our A.I. algorithms that were trained on our ethically sourced dataset used as inspiration for our models. 

Some of my outputs sound similar, what's the deal?

We allow our model to generate without creative bounds for you, and even though we try our best to remove similar sounding outputs, with millions of possible outputs some might trickle through. This might happen, and when it does - click on 'dislike' so that we can track these generations, and just go get more seeds! Our models and systems are improving everyday, and with your help Lemonaide will get better, faster :)

What’s the deal with BeatStars, do they own the Lemonaide Music company?

Lemonaide and BeatStars are two separate entities united by their mission to set the standard for Ethical AI in Music Creation through a strategic partnership. As BeatStars users ourselves, we love them and are grateful for them!

Do I really need an internet connection?

Yes - because all of our A.I. generation is cloud hosted, we need you to be connected to the internet to receive the outputs.

What about Lemonaid 1.0 customers, I bought the old one, what do I do now?

Check out our Support page, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised :)

Is it spelled 'Lemonaid' or 'Lemonaide' or 'Lemonaide Seeds'?

When we first launched, we went by Lemonaid.

Something just didn't feel right about it, so we've changed our name to Lemonaide.

Seeds is Lemonaide's melody algorithm, that is provided to you through the Lemonaide application.

Anything else?

Always feel free to write us a note - support@lemonaide.ai