Lemonaid 1.0 Support

About 1,000 of you purchased this version of Lemonaid (back before we had the ‘e’ to our name). The good old days.

You got in at a really good time. We are no longer selling this version of Lemonaid, so consider yourself an ‘original collector’ of our first product!

Even though we are no longer selling this version, you can expect this product to run exactly the same, and you can always reach out for support at support@lemonaide.ai.

As a bonus and a thank you, for being an early customer and a believer in Lemonaide, we will be providing you free access to our newest product, Seeds by Lemonaide. 100 free credits, every month - no payment required.

Instructions on how to get Seeds for Lemonaid 1.0 customers

Step 1:
 Search your email inbox for email subject "Lemonaid - Download your purchased files"

Step 2: Copy your 'License Key' found in that email

Step 3: Download Lemonaide Seeds and create an account

Step 4: Ignore the payment screen (click on the 'x' on the top right to close it)

Step 5: On the top right, click on your name, and select 'Lemonaide Partner'

Step 6: Paste your 'License Key' from Step 2, and you should be good to go!

Note: If you are having issues with these steps or locating your License Key, reach out to us and we will try our best to support: support@lemonaide.ai